believes that recently, the most surprising to the public shoes news, than the former Reebok spokesperson Kendrick Lamar (K.DOT) switch to Nike, has become one of Nike's strongest artists resources. Over the years has been tepid Cortez, in the West Bank under the leadership of the new king, red seems not a big problem. do you really think that K.DOT signing Nike is only good for Nike? In the Reebok, will lose such a "DeYiShuangXin", is "one of the annual event regret". As for the star, how strong is the ability to carry goods, and to see a few episodes of "hip-hop in China", in fact, is not too difficult to understand. It cheap jordans for sale is no exaggeration to say that every brand, to the international sports brand, from the new Jin tide, no do not want to stick on "star with goods" aura. through the simplest channels (Star upper body to increase exposure), so that consumers blindly follow the star heat and buy. Maybe your dress is not at all heart, material, design without bright spots, but as long as stars wear fire, who cares about the process? star upper body, no doubt the brand has long coveted the "short cut", in the end whether this phenomenon is good or bad, we have to judge. Since I said "star brings goods" so sharp, is it really no flaw? Well, cheap jordans for sale mens today's topic starts here: is the money from the fans really so easy to make? fan economy, is the structure of the fans and concerned about the relationship between the behavior. In the star itself, in addition to star fans and heat, positive image is what the brand cares most. However, not every artist can do it without fear of shadow. For example, the following two, let us see the "fan economy" defeat side. fan economy, delicious, but not good, "play" Young Lord aka A$ap Bari for example, with A$ap Rocky, including Edison Chan and other powerful "goods" backup, VLONE from a small street brand has been entered into cheap jordan shoes for men the Paris Fashion Week "high street" brand, called "street brand myth" will not be excessive. but with a good brand of A$ap Bari to make a movie of this kind of "sexual abuse scandal when evil, hated by both man and God" exposure, including A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and Playboi Carti, friends have castigated Bari, a real push everyone down the wall. VLONE x Nike Nike only short-term benefits, but people can not tolerate a gilded signboard scratch , as one of VLONE's potential push hands, is absolutely rare in the global explosion of VLONE in Nike Not to be confused with Retail for both pairs isNIKE sb has always cheap jordans online been a skateboard shop joint of traditional, overwhelmed, series will bring this and's homegrown jointly launched the SB Dunk High; it is reported that the color inspiration in Ithaca, New York, to the region has lush trees the beauty of terrain elements, green and light brown two-color injection suede material and constitutes a shoes classic styling, sideways and tongue trees logo is once again highlighted the joint source of inspiration; it is reported that the color will be officially on sale on January 9, 2016, No. 839693-302. source: NIKEToday, the network exposed a suspected Chris Paul the latest generation Jordan CP Retro jordans for sale 3.VIII boots. We can see from the chart, the shoes is still the continuation of the CP3 series has always been low for most of the shoe body shape, seems to be using a Fuse material to create extended area followed by TPU is quite large, finally, the bottom line is quite special. The CP marker tongue proves that this shoe really belongs to Chris Paul, the Sample is not the final product is still not determine, please close follow-up reports we locked trendy information. 20140813102950_99903.jpg (112.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan CP3.VIII 2014-8-13 upload at 11:01 20140813102951_67176.jpg (92.04 Retro jordans for sale KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan CP3.VIII 2014-8-13 upload Jordan CP3 700 at 11:01 Nike REACT cushioning technology is able to become a new generation of this course also need to use a mainstay until after the conclusion, Nike continue to design to create a new color showing high hopes on it. The day before the network also released ahead of Royal Blue version of the spy, this version of the Flyknit knitted material of white and blue, light blue and equipped with full palm REACT shock outsole is. nike-hyperdunk-react-2017-flyknit-royal-blue.jpg (218.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Ni Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ke REACT Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit Royal BlueUpload 08:05 2017-7-20 nike-hyperdunk-react-2017-flyknit-royal-blue-2.jpg (330.2 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike REACT Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit Royal BlueUpload 08:05 2017-7-20 nike-hyper〉Nike autumn and winter this year will continue to use the Air Force 1 classic shoes don't launch note to the city as the theme of the series design, this time the same uptake in London and Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan, New York and Paris six big city in inspiration, with representatives of their respective color and texture combination of tangent bent geological terrain, showi Cheap air jordans for sale ng exquisite in texture a single tone, after each exposure spy, this brings new pictures, interested friends can pay more attention to. 20141020070041_6.png (294.85 KB, download times: 25) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 City Pack 2014-10-20 upload at 15:21 20141020070130_41.png (300.57 KB, download times: 25) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 City Pack 2014-10-20 upload at 15:21 20141020070323_80.png (297.84 KB, download times: 22) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 City Pack 2014-10-20 upload at 15:21 20141020070327_78.png (343.98 KB, download times: 26) download atta Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping chment Nike Air Force 1 City Pack 2014-10-20 upload at 15:21 20141020070250_88.png (389.75 KB, download times: 25) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 City Pack 2014-10-20 upload at 15:21 20141〉local area of winter snow, the temperature reached the freezing point, stiff fingers, then who will think cycling? But if you have the right equipment, winter anyway is another kind of recreation time, rolled over and covered with mud, the roots, rushed into the spatter of mud, blood boiling, adrenaline spikes, wonderful pleasure filling body! We tested the four most advanced winter cycling shoes, w cheap foamposites hich one is the most cold winter the most outstanding performance? winter cycling shoes need to have what characteristics? winter riding to the feet will not be frozen to the unconscious always need a suitable pair of winter mountain bike cycling shoes, to enjoy the joy of riding in a year. The main function is to help the feet warm winter shoes, keep dry, so be sure to completely waterproof. The best shoes will have a layer of trusted waterproof membrane (such as Gore Tex), and thick waterproof uppers, avoid the infiltration of rainwater into the inside of the shoe. Waterproof board should lace holes above the seams must be sealed. Critical heat insulation shoes, so as to keep warm and cold, not too heavy. Sole should be strong enough to walk in the wet mud, mud can penetrate the ground to bite nails. The latest winter mountain biking shoes with boa system of detention, can more accurately adjust shoes and instep elastic state, but more important, even if wearing thick gloves, also can easily fine tune the shoes. The following four winter riding shoes are examined in the UK harsh environment. first name: Specialized Defroster TrailSpecialized Defroster Trail: the price of 199.95, the weight of 1104g (45) Specialized defroster trail this shoe structure without no seams, chloroprene rubber upper is very high, it seems that it has severe environmental challenges. Boa S4 knob make shoes very easily, and match the use of Velcro, we found the fit of the shoes and feet are really very moderate, and are very safe, comfortable, toe position with a lot of space, but of the thin legs may will feel upper too loose. The elastic heel just, Boa allows us to easily adjust the knob in the ride, with winter also does not affect the use of gloves. The amount of light and strong support of the shoe, the style of the radical driver will certainly like, before and after the lock is very large adjustment range. We found that if care is not taken to unlock, outer sole strengthen hard fiber rubber can't stick to the foot, walking also sent a bit of grip, sole pattern in fact is not enough to cope with the challenge of high slope. Defrosters really play the strength of the occasion is the cold weather. Thinsulate 400 Liner Super warm, even if the temperature is below zero, the chloroprene rubber uppers can also let the driver warm and comfortable. Waterproof film will be all the rain and mud to intercept in the outside, the only problem is to face the long ride, the water on the thigh will drop down. By 〉